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To begin at the beginning

A girl can never have to many blogs just like she can never have too many shoes right?

Well, I’m writing this blog to chronicle my efforts at staying fit, healthy, and toned. This is not another fad-diet attempt to lose weight. I’m altering my habits for the better in the hopes of keeping it as a permanent lifestyle change. I’m not obese, nor am I considered overweight…I just want to have a better understanding of how my body operates and how food enters into the equation.

I love food, but I can’t say that I love ALL kinds of food. I savor the moments when the hot, steaming bowl of soup comes my way or when the cool rush of a chilled dessert finds its destination onto my plate. Despite my adoration of the culinary arts, I don’t often overindulge beyond my limit.

The age has come and gone when I’d attempt to amateurishly compete in food olympics. Back then, food was seen more as calories, a chore that I had to go through to fuel my body. I thought that the more “food” fuel I put in, the more supercharged I’d be for the rest of the day. However, I soon found out that it doesn’t work that way.

I’m reaching the age where my metabolism isn’t as quick as it used to be and the pounds don’t stay off if I’m sitting at the desk for 8+ hours a day. I’m not as active as I used to be. In college, I exercised practically everyday doing cardio and light free weights. Now, I can barely get myself to walk up several flights of stairs without first thinking of pushing the elevator button. When I can easily walk down the street to drop off the mail or packages, I take the 5 minute drive instead.

It’s about time for change.

I’ll be following the 6 Day Body Makeover book’s guidelines to get my exercise juices flowing and from there, I’ll boost up my workouts. I find it best to start small and work your way up than to take that huge leap and fall flat on your face. After all, starting a 6 day workout program is much easier than setting up a year-long schedule. Though the book suggests that you should follow everything as closely as possible, I’m using it more as a guide,  not a stringent rulebook.

I’ll be mixing up the workouts with a 60 minute jog, P90X  YogaX, and P90X Chest and Back to better tone the areas of my body that I really want to focus on. Of all things to want, I want a slimmer arm and leg line, but my abs are fairly toned already. I guess that’s what I get for last year’s major workout in preparation for swimsuit season and it’s still lingering.

Here are my beginning stats:

  • Height: 5’1″
  • Weight: 103
  • Body Type: C (Meso-Endo  with hypoglycemia/low blood pressure tendencies)
  • Chest: 30.5″
  • Waist: 25″
  • Hips: 33.5″
  • Thigh: 18″
  • Calf: 13″
  • Arm: 10″

2 Responses

  1. I loved this statement, it speaks volumes: “Despite my adoration of the culinary arts, I don’t often overindulge beyond my limit.” Your message is very valuable, since there are many who think that enjoyment of food goes hand in hand with eating themselves silly.

    Best of luck with your journey!

    • Thanks! I used to think that eating well meant eating a lot, but it’s just not true. Sometimes, having less of something makes me appreciate an item that much more.

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