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Who Wants Cankles?

Everybody has a “body part” obsession, whether it’s having washboard abs, bulging biceps, or quads that can crush a monkey. Personally, I focus on abs, but since I think they’re relatively strong already (though slightly hidden behind a layer of fat) I want a new area to pour my energies into.

When you’re people watching, you can check out shoes, clothing, style, walking pace, or body parts with relative ease. You can tell if someone is attractive given that there’s something that makes that person stand out. For me, it’s well-defined calves because they are so “rare” and it’s easy to tell when guys are playing basketball or most sports in general.

So, my interest in calves needs to extend toward myself as well since I think my calves are underdeveloped, but not to the point of cankles. That’s something I want to avoid because I think it’s unsightly. Someone told me that to develop and tone my calves, I should continue jogging/running and do various heel raises, calf raises, and calf presses. Do they really work or am I just fooling myself?

I feel that the heel raises don’t do much for my calves, even if I do 100 repetitions in 3 variations.

I might have to look into some different exercises like the ones shown on this site. Helpful and yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to try them out.

Any thoughts?

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