Weaning off Soda and Juices

Back when I was a soda and fruit juice fiend, I’d consume these beverages almost exclusively instead of water. With so much sugar and caffeine in my system, I found myself hyper, jittery, and a bit anxious.

I primarily drank “whole” sodas, not diet sodas because I found the taste to be lacking and a bit watered down. With fruit juices, I tried them all, not only ones that claimed to be 100% fruit juice or otherwise.

When weaning off fruit juice, I found it a bit easier to complete. For every 3/4 cup of juice, I’d add 1/4 cup water…to start. Gradually I got to the point where it was mostly water with a couple drops of juice. It took several months to acquire the taste for less sweetened juice, but after a little struggle, I managed to drink pure water regularly without much of a complaint. In fact, I think VitaminWater is too sweet now.

Next was soda. I tackled this villain at the same time I weaned off the fruit juices. I started to diminish the amount of cans I’d put away every day trying to turn that number to zero. Whenever I’d have a fix for soda, I’d turn to my fruit juices and pour in some club soda instead of water. Soon, I felt calmer and more focused than when I drank sodas and juices all day. Every once in a while, when I wanted that carbonated fizz, I opt for sparkling mineral water with some juice to sweeten it.

Nowadays, I drink water all the time and once a day, I try to have a cup of green tea, ginseng tea, hot chocolate or black coffee. And for special occasions and events, I do drink alcohol, though I cap my “limit” at 2 glasses of wine or 2 bottles of beer.

I believe that reducing your intake of soda and fruit juices can contribute to weight loss because these sugary drinks confuse your body into thinking you’re still hungry when you’re not. It’s a bunch of “empty” calories that your body does not fully utilize and makes it easier to pack on pounds. If you start drinking more water and less soda and juice, I’m sure you’ll see some results.


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