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Eating Healthy is Expensive?

My friend and I were conversing about eating healthy the other day and he had some valid complaints. He wants to be healthier but he works over 70+ hours a week and doesn’t know how to cook except to put rice in the rice cooker and stick frozen pre-cooked chicken breast in the microwave. For a while, I tried to get him to make his own meals, but the only thing he thinks is a “healthy” meal consists of steamed rice with plain chicken breast and salad.

It’s sad that people have lost the art of cooking and have given it away to the fast food industry and food manufacturers. We no longer take pride in making food for ourselves when we can easily pop in that pre-made, pre-packaged frozen dinner the microwave.

Especially with the way the economy is and money is harder to come by, people think that eating healthy is too expensive. My friend remarked,

How do you have time to cook healthy every day…doesn’t it get expensive? I would rather stop by Subway and buy two $5 Turkey breast footlongs for the day since it’s fast, convenient, and healthy.

Sure eating two turkey breast subway sandwiches for the day can be healthy. But that’s more expensive than cooking your own food. In one week, that’s $70 of Subway sandwiches. I can feed myself for an entire month on $70 worth of groceries including meats. For several months, I was able to eat under $50 a month and still stay healthy and satisfied.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t take too much time. I cook almost everything for the week on my weekends…and usually in one day. Then, it’s matter of reheating everything during the week. I’m busy too like everyone else, but I find time to cook because I enjoy it and because want to know what’s in my food.

Since I like variety, I make several different dishes in smaller portions so I don’t have to eat the same thing every single day for 2 weeks. Someday, I’d like to cook every day, but right now it’s not possible.

I think that eating healthy can look delicious, taste delicious, and actually be better for you wallet in the long run.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t think it’s expensive when you consider that later in life you won’t have all the medical bills.

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