Would You Rather…

Would you rather have an ok hamburger and fries everyday for $2 a day ($14 a week) or have an amazing burger and fries once a month for $14?

I would choose the latter. Last year, my friend would choose the former. Back then, my friend was a fast food junkie…McDonald’s Mondays, Taco Bell Tuesdays, Jack in the Box Wednesdays, etc. He was also a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur who believed that In & Out’s cheeseburger animal style was the best burger for its value. (to which I agree) One day, I told him to go on a burger crawl with me once a month and try non-chained, non-fast food burger joints. He agreed.

For 4 months, we went to 4 different places…Apple Pan, Taste on Melrose, 8 Oz. Burger, and 25 Degrees. The prices ranged from $10-20 a plate with varying qualities of beef, from Angus to Kobe. His favorite was the Kobe beef burger at Taste on Melrose, but thought that the restaurant was too frou frou for him. Instead, if he had to go back to any of those places, it’d be 25 Degrees because it had a great burger, amazing fries, and a casual diner atmosphere.



The Burger and Fries from 25 Degrees

After those 4 months, my friend said I ruined burgers and fries for him. The pull of the Big Mac or the In & Out burger was not as strong, now that he had tasted better. He still eats fast food, but fast food burgers no more. If he’s craving the meaty sandwich, he’ll save up time and money to go to 25 Degrees because it’s worth it.

What would you choose?


2 Responses

  1. You should try the burgers at The Counter on Ocean Park. They’re really good and pretty reasonably priced. I’d rather have that once a month than fast food any day.

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