Weird Food Memories

When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. I would always watch my parents fillet a fish, remove innards, de-bone a chicken with ease…I thought to myself that it’d be fun to “dissect” animals.

When I actually ended up in a biology lab, I had no problems cutting into the animals, even if it was “fresh” and bleeding as I dissected it. I found it oddly intriguing. My neighboring lab partners would name their specimen, pet it, and talk to it…whimper over how to remove the organs and such. For me, I treated our animal with an assertive and steady hand, knowing how deep to cut and where most things were located generally. I remember how my lab partners (boys and girls) would stare at me in disbelief as I always volunteered myself to do the dissecting.

I guess that comes with learning to cook.

When you learn to cook like a omnivore, you eat almost everything. And when you buy from an Asian market or local shop, you tend to see things that you wouldn’t find in your average supermarket. It might be a cultural difference or something, but I found fresh seafood and meats as important as having fresh produce.

I remember my sister and I would wander the grocery store trying to find the most “disgusting” things and try to outdo each other. It was one of our games to keep us entertained while our parents went shopping.

“Ooo…that’s a liver.”

“Oh yea? Well that’s pig blood”

“Eww…why is it in cubes?”

“Because they freeze it…duh!”

“Look! That’s a tongue…if you eat it, it’s licking back at you!”


Despite the fact that we tried to gross each other out, we actually ate a lot of offals when we were younger. My parents told us that it would keep us healthy and I believed them. Now that I’m older and I cook for myself, I don’t really cook offals that often. Perhaps it’s because it’s harder to find them in the supermarket. I still enjoy them every once in a while because I do believe that they have nutritional benefits that you wouldn’t find in the more expensive cuts of meat like filet mignon.

Still, it’s one of those weird food things to eat offal…but really, it’s not so weird once you’ve had them. I’m not strange, I’m adventurous. Food is food and it’s made for eating.


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