Where Do I Find Workout Gear that Fits?

You would think that with all this exercising I would have activewear that fits. But alas, only now am I starting to pick up workout clothes. Previously, I’d wear loose shirts, pants, and shorts…basically pajamas or little girls/boys clothes. But little girls sportswear does not support my adult body.

I’m getting to a point where I need actual activewear because I hate the feeling of sweaty clothing. So, I looked online to find something that would fit a petite…in the smallest size possible. It’s not that I’m rail thin, but everything in America is made larger.

I found a couple of items that fit in XXS(2). Additionally, I got a tank in XS(4) to see if I could fit into something larger. However, the XS was too big and I went to the store to return it. I was hoping that they’d carry an XXS in the store, so I decided to ask the sales associate.

She told me that other petites my size had success in that particular store. They do carry XXS for some styles, but most are in XS. Even some of the XS sizes ran small, so I’m sure I could find something that fit. I showed her my XS tank, telling her that it was too big.

Then, she looked a bit embarrassed and told me that the tank in my hand was one of the smallest XS styles they carried.


Then, the sales associate went onto comment that it was hard to tell what size I was because I was wearing a loose blouse. (My loose blouses are supposed to be fitted, but they don’t work out that way.) In the end, I decided to return the top and wait for more XXS sizes to pop up so I could build up my collection.


I know I’m pretty short, but with all these petite departments cropping up, I figured I should be able to find something! To me, working out = phasing out of clothes.


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