Are My Bad Habits…My Good Ones?

I’m back from my hiatus and it’s been an interesting week.

I traveled and saw some familiar sights from a familiar place.

Originally, I planned to work out but it proved harder than I thought. So, I eased up on my exercise plan to three 15 minute jogs and doing Ab Ripper X three times this week. I ate whatever everyone else was having, whether it was steak, seafood, sushi, or other items. When I think about, I ate more carbs and protein than I usually do. I tried to add more veggies and fruit to my food intake, but it wasn’t enough. Plus, I snacked a lot on almonds, chips, wafers, bananas, and popcorn. I had some of these snacks 30 minutes prior to going to bed. On two occasions, I woken up hungry in the middle of the night and I went to pick up a bite to eat (like a glass of OJ or a handful of almonds). For some reason, I’ve been ravenously hungry all week and I’ve been eating lots of big and small meals.

Therefore, according to many food and fitness “experts”…I should be gaining weight this week because I’m working out less and eating more in addition to having more unhealthy food than I normally ingest.

BUT…according to an old, janky scale, I lost 3 pounds. I weighed myself twice on the same scale: once when I arrived and again the night before I left.

How did that happen?

My friend says I’ve been unintentionally following a modified version of the Atkins diet. Something about when you eat more protein, your body doesn’t store it as fat as easily and instead, the fat reserves are being depleted. So you end up losing weight.

Also, since I was doing P90X for over two weeks, I’ve been building up muscle which burns through more calories a day which can explain my unquenchable hunger. The extra protein I’ve been eating goes toward repairing my muscles. So I guess my decreased exercise maintained my fat to muscle ratio…no increase and no decrease.

Personally, I’m not looking to lose weight since each pound is practically 1% of my total body weight. I want to maintain my weight and improve the muscle definition in my body. I don’t think in terms of weight…I want to see how my body can be sculpted and defined by healthy food and exercise habits.

But if I was on a track for weight loss…I guess my bad habits are kind of my good habits?!


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