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Weekly Update I

From now on, I’ll do personal weekly updates about my food and exercise plan.

I went to the dentist and I had no bad news, but a couple words of advice. I got to floss more…but doesn’t everyone?

This week, I went traveling and I decided to put a short hiatus on P90X. I brought the resistance bands and the videos with me hoping to still exercise for the week. It was quite a challenge to fit the workouts in when I wasn’t even sure of my schedule. Twice, I was interrupted in the middle of the hour-long workout…and embarrassed at being caught all sweaty and gross, I decided to let my body take a break.

So for exercise, I took three 20 minute jogs with a friend as they wanted to start working out. I did Ab Ripper X on my own three times this week. And that’s about the extent of my workouts. It was very light and easy so my body didn’t complain.

When it comes to food, I ate whatever everyone else was having. There were a lot of celebrations to be had, so it felt like a week of celebratory dinners. Steak, seafood, and Chinese delicacies were all part of the menu. I enjoyed it all and I probably pigged out more than I should have, but it was so good! Rarely do I get to eat this much “expensive” food in one week. Also, I snacked a lot this week and they weren’t all healthy: almonds, lemon wafers, chips, bananas, etc.

Yes I ate a lot, but everything wasn’t unhealthy. I had a lot of steamed veggies, steamed fish, rice porridge, and homemade clear broth soups. I guess it all balances out in the end…and I feel good.

Here’s a quick recap of some of the food I had this week:

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride for April because I’ll be resuming P90X for about five days and then break for five days while my cousin is visiting. After that, I’ll be back on track and hopefully, I won’t have any more interruptions. I originally wanted to stick to the 90 day plan, but life isn’t always perfect and there are times when you have to change the plan to fit reality. As long as I keep going, I think I’ll see positive results and it’s not like a couple of days will undo several weeks of P90X.

So here’s to the upcoming five day P90X workout session! May it be fun, enjoyable, and effective! =)

2 Responses

  1. I’m curious about your food photos. Are you following a plan and these are pics from that plan or is your food really that pretty? Perhaps a silly question, but I would feel a bit embarrassed myself if I posted pics of what I eat each week (primarily because I’m neither a stylish photographer nor a capable cook).

    • Usually, I put up photos of what I make, but for this week, that’s all the food I had at the restaurant this past week. That’s why they look so stylish! I wish my food looks that great too! =)

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