Fast, Medium, Slow…Can you change your metabolism?

How do you slow down your metabolism?

I think mine is too fast. Since I’ve started doing P90X over three weeks ago, I’m hungry all the time! Less than 2 hours after a meal, I’m hungry. Even when I snack, it sometimes feels like I didn’t eat anything even though I just had a pear or a bag of carrots.

It’s gotten pretty bad as I’ve woken up in the middle of the night because I was so hungry! I’d go to the kitchen to pull something to satisfy my craving. I”m not one to try to suppress my hunger pangs but I don’t get carried away. Most of the time, a snack or a drink of water is enough. I guess I haven’t been adding enough carbs or protein to my diet…so I’ll need to boost the amount of food I’m eating.

It feels so weird that the amount of food I usually eat is not enough! I guess I’m slowly getting back to the days of the bottomless pit with constant exercise. Bring back the AYCE…well, I should hold off until the end of the 90 days. For now, I need to see if the increase in food will minimize this 24/7 hunger.

My metabolism feels like it’s out of control and it’s burning through the calories too fast. I know, a lot of people would rather have my metabolism, but to me, it can be a hassle. I get hungry often and I snack whenever I feel the need. But I’m not gaining weight…at least, I don’t feel it. At times, I think I eat way more than I should for a person of my size. Then again, I do exercise more than the average person.


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