Weekly Update III

Exercise Plan

For 5 days while my cousin was visiting, the only exercise I got was walking around town. Believe you me, this was a workout since we were on our feet for 10 hours+ a day. But on Wednesday, I started back up with P90X for Week 4 of Phase I, recovery week. I totally forgot that the exercises are different, so I did Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X the first day instead of Yoga X. But that’s alright, as long as I continue with the rest of the recovery exercises, I’ll be on track.

  • Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X: 20 reps for every exercise, 10 lb weights for weighted exercises, and 15 back flys. I used a green resistance band for the pull-ups. I must go lower on my push-ups and improve the form and quality of all my push-ups and pull-ups. For Ab Ripper X, I need to improve my leg climbs, but I did 100 Mason twists without weights.
  • Core Synergistics: much more difficult than I thought, didn’t do the bonus round (extra 5 mins) and used 5 lb weights for the weighted exercises.
  • Kenpo X: the balls of my feet were sore from core synergistics. As for the workout, I definitely needed the yoga mat to prevent me from slipping and sliding. I added more bounce to my step going through the workout to add intensity. Plus I kept a low horse stance (thanks to taiko) throughout the whole blocks section.
  • X Stretch: skipped and took a one hour walk along the beach
  • Core Synergistics: easier the second time around, skipped the bonus round and didn’t use any weights. The plank runs were killer.

Food Plan

Sure, I ate whatever I wanted while my cousin was here, but we shared a lot of the items I would usually have on my own. So, it definitely helped with portion control and we ate fairly healthy. Plus, once Wednesday came around, it was back to eating what I have stocked in my fridge. I was pretty tired and lazy after my cousin left so I made some ham, salsa, and guacamole quesadillas for a couple of meals. And since I bought a ton of fruit, I’ve been trying to finish them before they go bad!

Since I stocked my entire fridge with delicious healthy food hoping my cousin would help me eat it, (we only had 4 breakfasts and one dinner at my place) I have loads of food left. I’ve been hungrier than I usually am and I’ve been trying to eat more to stay full longer, but it’s still a hit or miss situation. Hopefully, I’ll get it down by next week so I’m not trying to eat everything all at once.


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