New Gear and a Workout Concern

I’m 5 weeks into P90X and it’s starting to concern me that I don’t get very sore. Even from Day One, I only felt some slight discomfort and fatigue the day after the strength-training workouts, but other than that…nothing. Every so often I get little twinges and weak joints but they don’t last long.

I keep reading about how people are so sore post-P90X workout they can barely walk, lift their arms, or stand up straight. It makes me wonder, am I not trying hard enough or are other people overdoing it?

According to my personal observations, I’m not slacking off. I do my best to have good form and I modify moves that I cannot complete yet. I sweat, I slip, I stumble, and I keep on going…I’m definitely trying my hardest. Well, maybe not my hardest, but close…I need to continually push myself to go farther.

My friend thinks my lack of severe soreness is due to the fact that I take naps and I do my best to get enough rest. Also, I eat normal food with the same amount of protein, carbs, and veggies/fruits that I always do. Lately, it was suggested that I bump up the carbs and protein intake to help repair my muscles whenever I do strength-training and provide enough energy for the Doubles session. That way, my body has enough “materials” to repair itself and reduce the pain that associated with intense exercise. Maybe that’s my answer.

Anyways, soreness aside, I bought more equipment for my workouts. I had the bare bones kit (1 green resistance band for pull-ups, yoga mat, 5 lb and 10 lb weights) and it worked for Phase I, but I’m pickier now and I want to do better. I don’t want lack of heavier weights or an uneven, slippery surface preventing me from getting the most from P90X.

So, I picked up 15 lb weights, weight-lifting gloves to protect my hands, a towel for my yoga mat to keep from slipping, and indoor shoes. I’ve been having a rough time doing the exercises barefooted on my bumpy carpet, so I picked up some dance sneakers to wear indoors. That way, I won’t be sliding about during Plyometrics and other high intensity workouts. I got a Small, but I think an X-Small would be better, but I’m too lazy to return it and it’s not a big deal anyway…it works great.


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