The Body is a Temple

So I was bored and watched Disfigured again.

What’s it about? The friendship and complications that arise between Lydia, an overweight woman and Darcy, a recovering anorexic.

I think it has a great message and brings up several talking points. I’m sure the majority of people out there think they are fat, but we each have a different opinion as to what that exactly means. While watching the movie, I used to think I associated with Lydia since I love food and I can’t think of starving myself as a solution to obtaining the body I want. However, this time around…I found myself identifying more with Darcy.

Perhaps it’s because I have changed my eating and exercise habits that this switch has arisen. In one year, I lost maybe 5-10 lbs and the most noticeable difference is in my face. It isn’t as round as it used to be and the bone structure is more prominent. I considered this change as a maturation of my body from a cute girly figure to a more sophisticated womanly frame.

When this change first occurred, my sister said I looked skeletal and sickly. She thought that I was anorexic temporarily but that’s not true. Later on, she remarked that she didn’t realize how chubby I was before and now, I’m not skinny but athletic and “buff”. I guess that’s a step up from her previous comment.

But anyways, I realize that more often than not, people are always pushing me to eat more. In some cases, it’s because my friends still think I’m a bottomless pit from the college days. But in others, they think I’m too small and I’m not getting enough to eat or something. I don’t really understand.

Why do people have an opinion about what you’re eating? It’s like a Catch-22. If you’re having a larger meal, people think that you’re unhealthy but if you choose smaller options or a salad, they think you’re on a diet or sick. There really is no way to win in this situation. But I’ve learned not to care and I won’t budge or be pressured to eat or not eat. I do what I would do normally. Why change my eating options for others?

As for body image, I think that there are plenty of healthy body types out there and we all have differing opinions as to what is ideal. We always see ourselves with some distortion in our minds. But as long as you’re healthy, you can move around pretty well, and you accept yourself…who cares what anyone else thinks? Sure, we all have something we’d like to fix but the body itself is beautiful. It’s a wondrous creation that runs like a well-oiled machine if you treat it well. I’ve always held onto the belief that “the body is a temple” and you should treat it as such by not filling yourself with alcohol, drugs, junk food,etc.

You only have one body and if you take care of it like your most prized possession, how can you feel insecure?


2 Responses

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  2. I’ve never heard of this movie until now and it sounds very interesting! But you made a good point. If you look at your body as your biggest asset and you are right – you have only one body – it’s hard to take advantage of it. You have to keep it on top of your priority list. 🙂

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