Weekly Update V

Exercise Plan

This week was supposed to be a normal week, but I felt lazy so I had a two day break from P90X. I know, I should have been more disciplined, but this is real life and I am not perfect. The doubled workouts aren’t too bad and it’s just what I needed. In Phase I, I wanted to do an additional workout everyday, but now…I have to double up on my strength-training days…exciting! I hope next week won’t have any workout breaks.

  • Yoga X: It flew by really fast this time and I did all the push-ups before downward dog. I made it through the Yoga Belly section without much difficulty and I stayed in the crane pose for the entire allotted time but one foot was still touching the ground (I’m almost there). Still working on the right angle pose, the wheel and the twisting half moon.
  • Break (2 days)
  • Legs & Back / Ab Ripper X / Cardio X: 10 reps for all pull-ups with increased resistance from last week, completed all reps required for the exercises, added 10 lb weights for calf raise squats, calf raises, and step back lunges, and added 5 lb weights for balance lunges, alt-side lunges, and toe-roll iso lunges. Skipped Ab Ripper X. Cardio – tried to follow Dom who was doing the more extreme version of the workouts and definitely felt tired by the end but it felt good. Sweaty but good.
  • Kenpo X: I learned how to punch properly and I might need to tape my wrists to improve my punches, the kicks are fine and since I kept kicking waist level or higher, my hamstrings are a bit sore
  • Stretch X: I needed to stretch since Kenpo left my hamstrings sore, so it worked them out well

Food Plan

I didn’t have much to do this week and yet, I was pretty lazy coming up with a food plan. I ended up eating more sporadically throughout the day and the week, which led to some extended periods of “fasting.” When I looked at my fridge, there wasn’t much I wanted to eat and I let a couple of things go to waste.

When I did eat, I snacked a lot of non-fat, non-salted popcorn. So, this weekend, I took it upon myself to find more appealing foods that I know I’ll eat even though it might be more expensive. And I’ll be making a lot of things ahead of time so I can’t complain that I don’t have any food in my fridge and I don’t have time to make something to eat.


Lemon and Ginger Thins from Trader Joe’s

Hot Chocolate from Cafe Buna

Potato Pancakes Brunch from Cafe Buna

Home-made Pork Tenderloin Medallions on Harvest Blend with Blanched Asparagus with Oyster Sauce and Mashed Sweet Potatoes


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