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I Love Food

Like many people, I don’t just eat food…I love food.

It stimulates all my senses and when there’s a dish that I love, it excites me more than a new gadget or toy. After I order, while other people are making conversation, I fantasize about what will appear on my plate and how it will taste. I subtly sniff the air for cues of what awaits me as the kitchen diligently prepares my meal.

Once the order arrives, I carefully taste each part of my dish, trying to figure out a few ingredients, spices, and aromatics. In the end, I devour and savor every bite acknowledging the chef who created such a masterpiece.

Though it may sound a bit silly that I analyze the flavor profile of the dishes I order at a restaurant, I think it gives me insight into the chef’s mind but also a better understand of the ingredients. It takes time to master the combination of ingredients that makes a dish spectacular. You can give 10 people the same ingredients and tell them to bake an apple pie with the same exact recipe, but the result will be 10 different apple pies.

There really is nothing like finding a restaurant that makes delicious food without feeling like you lost your savings. But also, I realize that fine dining isn’t cheap. So if you want good food, good service, and quality ingredients…you have to pay a bit more than you would at a mid-level chain restaurant.

Two weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the culinary wonders of Stefan’s at L.A.Farm. It was super tasty and rich without feeling overstuffed and bloated.

*Pardon the photo quality, it was quite dim inside and I altered  them to make everything visible, if not a bit blurry.

Sweetbread Schnitzel with Potato Salad

Veal Chop – Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Shallots, Organic Baby Carrots and Green Peppercorn sauce

Buchteln – Maple Pecan Ice Cream and Crème Anglaise (the pièce de résistance)

One Response

  1. its not just you. i love food too. my relationship with food has gotten a little skewed over the past year but nonetheless, i still enjoy dining out. when i order food, i try it the way its inspired to be tasted and then add any sauce or seasoning to it. i hate when people immediately s&p food before they even taste it.

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