Just Another Tool: RealAge

When I first heard about the RealAge test, I took it without adding my vitamin levels, resting heart rate, and a couple of other things. My RealAge was 16.4. It seemed pretty low but I wasn’t sure if that was the lowest possibility. I saw how they used a similar tool in The Biggest Loser to show the participants how unhealthy they are and how “old” they were internally. Lucky for me, my result is about 8 years younger than my actual age.

A few months later, I took it again adding my vitamin levels,  my resting heart rate, and modifying other things to make it more accurate and my result was 16.5.

So what did I gain exactly?

According to the test, my RealAge increases due to the following factors:

  • Not knowing my cholesterol levels
  • Not having a dog
  • Need to review eating habits (see Nutritional Assessment)
  • Exercising too hard

I took the Nutritional Assessment and my resulting FoodAge was 18.2. The test suggests that I do the following items so my lowest age could be 17.5:

  • Eat less red meat – one serving a week should be the max
  • Eat more foods with flavinoids – Flavonoid-rich foods include apples, strawberries, cranberry juice, broccoli, onions, lettuce, tea, tomatoes, and tomato products such as tomato juice, sauce, and paste
  • Increase Vitamin C intake to 1200 MG.
  • Eat more nuts – at least one ounce a day
  • Consume more polyunsaturated fat without increasing consumption of saturated fat

As with all tools, it only provides an approximation of what you really need and you can’t take everything at face value. I mean, the majority of my family doesn’t own a single pet and yet most of them live to be over 80 years old without any major heart conditions or health issues. In fact, my grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday a few months ago and he’s still moving about. So you can’t trust the test to its entirely, it only indicates the average best practices of healthy individuals.

Since reviewing the test and all its recommendations, I will change a few things that I currently do.

  1. I’ll be reducing my intake of red meat, especially pork, to one serving a week.
  2. I’ll take more supplements such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  3. I need more red fruits added to my food plan.
  4. I need to add nuts into the equation since I rarely eat nuts.
  5. I need to be more careful about my exercise workouts.

I know, I’m doing P90X Doubles and it’s intense. But I’m not going to be doing Doubles indefinitely, which would cause harm to my body in the long term. I know that after P90X Doubles is over, I’ll be cutting my workout time in half because instead of doing an average of two hours a day of workouts, I’ll be keeping it at an hour.

Little changes make a big difference.


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