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Weekly Update VIII

Exercise Plan

Working out after a 3 day break isn’t the easiest thing to do. I had to ease my body back into the workouts which extended my schedule once again.

  • Plyometrics: Plyo is always more difficult to complete after the weekend and this week was no exception. I ended the workout 15 minutes early because I just didn’t have enough energy to complete it. A bit disappointing, but it’s my fault for having a 3 day P90X break.
  • Break (1 day)
  • Legs & Back / Ab Ripper X: I was feeling a bit unmotivated, but I sucked it up and knocked these two workouts. I probably could have gone lower on the lunges, but at least my form was good. Used blue bands instead of green for pull-ups and I felt the increase in tension and a slight soreness the next day.
  • Kenpo X: This is one of my least favorite workouts because I’m never quite sure if my punches and blocks are good. A mirror definitely helps and taping my wrists helps my form. It’s still difficult to punch air.
  • Yoga: I skipped the Stretch/Rest day because I’m eager to get into Recovery Week. I made it through the Yoga Belly section fairly easy after skipping it for two weeks. I guess my core got stronger in the meantime. I actually held Crane for 60 seconds while resting on my head, did the right angle pose finger hold, and attempted Wheel. I still need to get better at half moon and twisting half moon.
  • Core Synergistics: I did half of the exercise before I felt fatigued and light-headed. I should probably eat before doing this workout.
  • Kenpo X: A good cardio workout but I need to improve my form.

Food Plan

I’ve been tracking my food intake and I stayed in the 1400 calorie range this week. Then again, I haven’t been working out in the mornings so it definitely knocks out a couple of extra calories that I’d be burning. Also, my food plan kind of went out the window and I’ve been eating more sporadically.  I had pizza for lunch one day, but everything else was pretty healthy…steamed veggies, stews, soups, and rice.

I did notice that I haven’t been eating enough fruit even though I have several packs of frozen berries. Perhaps it’s because I rarely have anything in my freezer that I don’t think to look in my freezer to find the fruit and put it with my yogurt. I’ll be working on increasing my fruit and veggie intake next week.


Chicken Adobo with Celery and Steamed Rice

Mochi balls with Sesame or Almond Meal

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