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Another Month Has Passed…

…and not much has been accomplished.

I’ve been lazy and there are plenty of excuses as to why I didn’t finish Phase III of P90X, but I won’t go into it. Lately, I feel more motivated to keep exercising and maintain a regular schedule.

For me, exercising everyday is almost too much for my body to handle, so I’m scaling back. I’ll be using the P90X DVDs, but I spacing the workouts to every other day. Sunday, I went on a  7 mile hike near the Griffith Observatory. It’s the second time hiking up there, but last time, it was a 5 mile hike. I was pretty exhausted and it definitely took a toll on my body. The view was pretty amazing and it’s kind of nice to step away from the metropolitan culture of L.A. and indulge in a little bit of “nature.”

Gosh, I’m really out of shape!

So yesterday, I did half of Yoga X because I don’t want to overdo it in the first week and knock myself out. So, I’ll start small again and build up from there. I’m starting over, but I’m going at my own pace.

As for food, I’ve been trying to keep things simple. I got pretty sick of eating oatmeal, so I had to find another alternative. This week, breakfast is natto and rice.

2 Responses

  1. You posted on my blog a while back so I had to return the favor! 🙂

    1st) We all fall off/jump back on the wagon. Pick right back up and get started again. You should have a Coach on Team Beachbody…talk to them, they should be helping you stay on track if they know you want that.

    2nd) I drool while reading your blog posts! :p You have the yummiest looking food on here (except for whatever this picture is of! LOL) All of the food looks so good!

    Make you a deal, you cook for me and I’ll keep you motivated to workout. Btw, I did doubles as well. It will kick your bum but SOOOOOOOO worth the results!

    Tina Klinesmith

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