It’s Back ON!

After a couple of months of being lazy and procrastinating, I’m officially starting up P90X again. There will be a couple of modifications since I’m trying to complete the whole process without getting injured or overworking my body.

I’m hoping to complete the full 90 day workout just in time to ring in the New Year.

Today, it’s Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X.

I did half of the Chest and Back workout, so only one round instead of two. Plus, I did half of the Ab Ripper X workout as well since I started getting a migraine that made me nauseous. So not the best start, but I didn’t pick the perfect day to start, I picked today.

  • Standard Push Ups: 20
  • Wide Front Pull Ups: 20
  • Military Push Ups: 15
  • Reverse Grip Chin Ups: 15
  • Wide Fly Push Ups: 15
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups: 15
  • Decline Push Ups: 15
  • Heavy Pants: 15 with 10lb weights
  • Diamond Push Ups: 15
  • Lawnmowers: 15 with 10lb weights
  • Dive Bomber Push-Ups: 10
  • Back Flys: 10 with 10lb weights

And once again, it’s time for photos. I’m back to square one…or perhaps negative one?


One Response

  1. The first half was complete in itself and maybe the Q A session should have been then instead of in the end.

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