January Update

A lot has happened since I last wrote.

First of, I went to my first Tough Mudder in Norcal at Squaw Valley.

Yes, I did finish this 12 mile course. No, I did not do all the obstacles. And I was carrying a 10 lb backpack for a good portion of the hike because I thought it was a good idea to stock up on water, bars, gels, etc…and bring  my hefty SLR for photos. That was a bad idea.

It was tough, it was grueling, and at the high elevation, I was dizzy, nauseous, and I had to take breaks to gather up my strength. In the end, I felt so empowered as if I could conquer the world! It was such a great feeling.

As for my goals to train for Tough Mudder, I didn’t complete any of them. I did do a 10 mile hike in Muir Woods that kicked my butt the last 3 miles. I’m hoping that this year I will get back on track.

Taking it one step at a time.


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