Just Show Up and Press Play

I feel so sluggish, tired, lazy,and depressed. It took so much energy just to get out of bed in the morning. I wasn’t motivated. I wanted to delay the start. I just wanted to sleep the day away.

It’s not the perfect beginning but if I can do this at my lowest emotional point, think of how much easier it will be on the good days.

I sucked it up, put on my workout clothes, and hit play.

It’s the first day of P90X.

Chest and Back. Ab Ripper X.

The first hour wasn’t so bad. As I kept going, I felt more energized and awake. The sluggishness started to fade away and I was getting pumped by the half hour mark. I’m not great at doing push ups or pull ups, but I know that if I keep going, it will be easier.  My goal was 16 reps for each exercise. I did 10 reps with 15 lb weights for lawnmowers and heavy pants. For back flys, I did 10 reps with 5 lb weights.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be using 15 lb weights to start! But I believe I am stronger than I was during the last attempt at P90X.

For Ab Ripper X, I decided to go for 20 reps of all the exercises instead of the full 25. I didn’t think I was ready…and I was right. My abs burned and I started to sweat halfway into the routine. By the end, I was practically shouting the numbers going through the last few exercises. And I did 30 Mason Twists. It was all my body could handle.

I was spent but satisfied that I completed Day 1.

Post workout: my arms a little sore with a slight ache, my abs feel like I still need to stretch them out, but overall, my mind and mood is better than it was this morning.

Exercise is my emotional savior.


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