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Fasting to Learn Hunger

Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when the hunger subsides.

Some people do not know what it’s like to truly be hungry.

I did my own experiment to discover that feeling. I fasted for one day with water and multigrain flaxseed water crackers for sustenance. The first pang of hunger, I drank some water to fill me up. 15 minutes later, I’d have 2 crackers. Then I’d repeat the process throughout the day.

When I was focused on doing an activity, I didn’t notice the hunger. But when my stomach started to rumble, I had to fight the urge to stuff my face with 20+ crackers. This one day was a test in willpower but also to understand my body. Was water enough sometimes? Yes. Where there times when I felt weak? Yes.

My body is resilient and it can survive on something as minimal as crackers for one day…I’m sure I never need to fear feeding my body enough. If I “forget” a meal, I’m not going to eat double so I get enough calories for the day. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I feel satiated, not stuffed.

I guess, you can say I stop when I’m 70-80% full. 100% full is the feeling that you need to be carried away from the table because you ate so much food. Once you learn how to tell the difference between being hungry and being thirsty, then decipher your level of satiety…and that’s the first step to understanding your eating habits.

I don’t believe in food rules and ways to curb your appetite. You need to listen to your body…even if says skip lunch or eat after 10 PM. Do it. Just make sure that you do everything in moderation and maintain variety in your food.

Trust your most basic of instincts….hunger.

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