Know Your Limits

When I awoke this morning, it was easier to crawl out of bed, but I still felt pretty sore. Not “I can’t move” kind of sore, but it was noticeable as I moved about doing my morning routine.

I changed and hit play. This time, it was Shoulders and Arms.

I didn’t have as much difficulty in this exercise as I thought I would. Sure, the exercises were tough and I was using 10 lb weights for most of it except the tricep exercises, which I used 5 lb weights. I skipped the bonus round.

I thought about doing Ab Ripper X. I hit play and got started.

Once I started doing the first five exercises, my abs were burning and my body could barely cooperate. I tried to push past the pain for the in-and-outs, but I couldn’t do it. I had to stop.

No Ab Ripper X today.

My abs are still on fire from the last time. My body is still getting used to working out, so I don’t expect the soreness to recede so quickly. My abs and pelvis area are tense…so I had to do some stretches like cobra and upward dog to ease the pain.

Tomorrow is Yoga…and I’m kind of dreading it.


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