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Not So Flexible Anymore

Day 4 and I’m so sore, I don’t have much strength left.

I tried to do Yoga for 20 minutes and after that, I pretty much collapsed. My wrists were weak and sore, my body felt so heavy, and I couldn’t keep up. Total fail.

After all this, I thought Yoga would be my easy access point in which I would excel. I remember when I first encountered P90X at my friend’s apartment. We did Yoga X and I completed the first 45 minutes no problem before we hit pause. That was almost 2 years ago.

Now, I can barely handle 20 minutes.


Today, P90X…you beat me. But I will triumph in the end!

One Response

  1. I did Yoga X tonight but I too gave up (about half way through) because my shoulders were so tired from doing shoulders and arms yesterday. I am also not very flexible and get bored easily which has seriously prevented me from getting “excited” for Yoga X.

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