Unexpected Injury

Day 6…Legs and Back. After a day of much needed rest,  it was time to get started all over again.

I think all the meat, fat, and carbs from yesterday’s feast was what my body needed to repair itself because I felt good this morning…good energy, clear mindset, and not sore at all.

But something unexpected happened.

Since I don’t have a pull-up bar, I usually use bands over the doorpost.

Halfway through the program, I was doing the pull-up section and when I pulled, the band broke free of its harness and snapped right at my head with the arm holds hitting my knuckles at full speed. Instant bruises on 3 of my fingers and I swear I saw stars when that band hit my head.

I need something more substantial to do my pull-ups or find an alternative exercise because I’m not doing that again.

Ab Ripper X…20 reps of everything, 50 Mason Twists.

It’s a good day despite the minor injury. No pain, no gain, right? 😉


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