Not on Purpose

Day 7. It should be Kenpo, but I don’t really like it…so I’m swapping in Plyo today.

I need this.

Recently, I came to the realization that I can never be vegetarian. It’s not because I like meat too much but rather…my body needs meat to survive. When I don’t eat enough protein, I get really gnarly mood swings and lethargic. So, to prevent an emotional collapse and so I don’t lose friends, I think it’s best that I start adding more meat to my meals.

For example, I had ribs today and was happy. I wasn’t able to do my morning workout, so I did it at 10 PM.

I was amped and I really pushed myself to go lower on the lunges and squats while jumping higher. Halfway through the program, I started to get light-headed and dizzy. Then came the “Impressionist” vision. It’s only happened twice before…the first time was during a 1 mike steep hike on an empty stomach and the second was during Tough Mudder Norcal at high altitudes. This “vision” is when everything starts to blur like a Van Gogh painting…colors swirl, patterns pop out, and everything feels like it’s moving in this fluid, watery motion.

I had to stop.

It felt like if I were to continue, I might just black out. And that’s not a good thing.

I have no idea why this happened, but I’m listening to my body and it’s telling me to stop.

Someone said it might be because I wasn’t getting enough oxygen in my blood and I wasn’t breathing properly. They might be right…I guess I have to re-learn how to breathe.


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