First Goal Met

One week of P90X is complete!


It’s a small victory and I just need to keep going. I find that if I set smaller goals in addition to the big goal (finish P90X), it makes me feel more successful and it keeps me motivated.

I noticed that in this one week, I have already sized myself out of my fat jeans…my Gap jeans. I put them on today and I have over an inch gap in the waist and there’s some looseness in the legs. I had to wear a belt otherwise they’d be falling off. ALREADY?!

It was so unexpected because I had hoped to reach this state in 2 more weeks. My body is adjusting faster than I thought and my waist is usually the first place I notice changes. I usually hover between 2 sizes and now I’m down to the smaller size. I guess that’s a good thing, but now it means no more fat pants for me.

I did Chest and Back today and I pushed myself more than I did last week.

It’s a good day.


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