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Off the Wagon and Rolling in the Mud

I didn’t work out today.

I don’t deal with stress well but I’m working on it. Today, I was dragged into an argument in which I had no place in and yet, I ended up being yelled at from both sides. I tried to deal with it as best as I could, did some deep diaphragmatic breathing, but in the end, I drove to my “happy place” to decompress and remove my anxiety.

Then I went to an event where I drank more than I usually do. Followed by a trip to Jack in the Box to eat a large side of crispy chicken strips and jalapeno poppers. The night wasn’t over so I had a large scoop of Trader Joe’s lemon ginger snap ice cream and a root beer to top it off. And I wasn’t even hungry! ARGH!

I don’t usually eat fast food, ice cream, or soda…much less all in one day!

In one sitting, I had double my entire day’s worth of calories and most of it is fat and sugar too.

I can understand how some people turn around and find themselves 50 lbs heavier than they wanted to be. Cuz I know if I had these stressors everyday, I’d be obese…no lie!

It’s going to be a painful butt-kicking hangover tomorrow.

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