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Oh My Glutes!

Once again, I swapped in Plyometrics instead of Kenpo.

I must have really pushed myself yesterday during Legs and Back because my glutes were aching today. Or maybe it was because I spent 3 hours last night in 3 inch heels. Well, whatever it is, my glutes were begging for mercy during the squats in today’s workout.

I toughed it out to the 45 minute mark before I hit a wall. My mind said “Yes! Keep pushing!” and my body was like, “Move, and I’ll puke all over you!”

Guess I need more sustenance than a bowl of corn in the morning before Plyo.

I have a love/hate relationship with Plyo. I hate feeling weak, getting sweaty, and seeing my fat jiggle during the workout. But I love Plyo because it’s kind of fun to jump around and I can see improvements every time I do this program. I can go a little lower, jump a little higher, and last longer each round. Plus, the majority of these exercises are applicable in other areas of athletics.

This is the core of P90X!

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