Go Full Throttle

Plyo today…bright and early.

It took me a while to warm up today, but once I got going…I was so sweaty I was down to my underwear to stay cool throughout the workout. Hate that!

But during the jump knee tuck and rock star hops, I had a breakthrough. If I try to jump modified, it’s so much harder than fully committing to the jump. So I jumped super high and fast…and it was so much easier to do!

I’m adding vitamins to supplement my diet…1 multivitamin and 2 fiber tabs. I’m not getting enough nutrients according to my calorie counter. I’ll add vitamins for now and hopefully improve my eating habits so I can wean off of them later. I hate supplements, but if I’m not getting them in my food, I need to get them elsewhere.

The other day, my sister was asked how she stayed so slim and she replied that she doesn’t eat sweets or snacks. Then it hit me, I don’t really either. Although I love me a cupcake or a French macaron every couple months, I don’t really eat that many sweets.

And this is the second year I’m doing without Girl Scout cookies…hooray!


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