Double Blind Yoga

I was feeling extra sprightly, so I did a double workout today. Shoulders and Arms and Yoga!

For the first session, I bumped up to 10 lbs weights for the entire program. The first week, I was using a mix of 5 lb and 10 lbs weights and now for week 3, I phased out of the 5 lb weights. Yes to getting stronger!

As for Yoga, I did the entire 90 minutes with the exception of Crane, Half Moon, and Yoga Belly 7. I was so distracted today that I wore a blindfold during the majority of the yoga session so I could concentrate on my breaths and get my mind right. It’s amazing how focused I became once the blindfold was on. I really needed Yoga today to get my head on straight. I’ve been out of sorts lately and somehow, yoga really helped me relax.

I tried a Whey protein smoothie today. It was quite tasty, but my body doesn’t really know how to react to it so I was feeling a little lethargic and queasy for part of the day. Guess I have to stick to the au naturale way of eating.


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