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Hope to Gain

back dimples

We all have body goals, what we want our bodies to look like and what level of fitness is manageable for our lifestyle.

I’m superficial, but hey, who isn’t?

I’m hoping that in six months, I’ll have an awesome back ridge, back dimples, toned arms, and a toned stomach. I don’t need a lot of definition, but a little doesn’t hurt.

michelle obama

I also hope I will continue to work out after P90X, whether it’ll be Insanity or rock climbing…as long as I keep doing something, then that’s all that matters. So I’m hoping to have a more active lifestyle that’s filled with things I do instead of things I wish I could do.

Ultimately, I know that yoga or pilates is in my future if I want to stay slim and flexible, so I’m going to try my hardest to keep that up!

I have to prepare my body now. This is my prime and I don’t want to waste it being a slob. Plus, if I’m fit now, then it’ll be easier to maintain later.

I love my clothes too much to be too big to wear them.

No workout today, but there is always tomorrow!

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