Reminders to Keep You Going

At the beginning of this year, I got back from a vacation to Maui.

Although the trip was a blast, looking over photos I felt like I let myself go. To many, yes, it’s not so bad since it’s only been a few months since my last serious workout schedule.

Where was all the muscle tone and definition?

To me, my stubborn trouble area is the lower half of my body…why won’t it slim down?

So that’s what got me to start P90X again.

I wasn’t that motivated to start, but if I can do it through the hard times, then it’d be easier when I’m actually pumped to exercise.

One thing that I needed that I didn’t before was a goal dress.

I don’t have a goal weight or clothing size since my weight rarely changes and I’m sized out of most clothes anyway. So what would be the measurement? How things fit.

A couple weeks into P90X, I found this Herve Leger dress.

When I tried on that dress, I felt like I could do anything.

But it’s very unforgiving and I really want to slim down and tone up before I actually risk purchasing it. Besides, it’s ridiculously expensive so I have to make sure to continue a regular workout schedule or I won’t be able to wear it again. This dress is what will keep me in shape. I hope.

What can I say, I’m shallow when it comes to my looks. 😛

But seriously, I really want to stay in shape so that in the future, I won’t have to worry about my health as much. I don’t want to hit 50 and realize that I could have prevented a medical condition in my 20s by exercising and eating right. This is the time in my life to start good habits and patterns so I can truly enjoy my later years. It’s paving the foundation for my future.

I want to be old and sprightly. I don’t want to be those people who have to rely on those motorized wheelchairs to get around. Not if I can help it anyway.


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