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Snacks: Olives + Clementines

When I don’t have time to grab a full meal, I rely on snacks to get me though the next few hours. I usually bypass the candy, chips, cookies, and bars route and opt for simpler things.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with olives since I visited Evvia, a super tasty Greek restaurant in Palo Alto.

Olives and feta cheese. Olives, hummus, and flatbread. Olives and tortillas. Olives alone.

I’ll pretty much eat anything with olives.

To balance out all the salt, I usually wash it down with a cup of kefir.

To me, kefir is drinkable yogurt.

Since I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, I can’t drink straight milk so yogurt products are my main sources of dairy. I prefer strawberry kefir but I’m trying to wean myself to taking it plain because I want my food as natural as possible with the least additives.

And since I like a sweet and salty combo, I usually grab a few clementines to round out my snacks. These little citrus fruits  are less fibrous and sweeter than oranges which makes me super happy.

Gotta appreciate the simple things in life.

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