Latest Status Update

In April, I went to Coachella.

I was doing pretty well with P90X and I felt relatively fit and healthy. The photo is from April.

I spent a month afterwards being a total bum and eating super unhealthy. I mean fried chicken, cheese everyday, and fast food kind of unhealthy. But then I was reminded that exercising and staying healthy is a LIFESTYLE choice, not temporary option. So GOYA won.

Fast forward 2 months and instead of doing P90X, I’m getting into rock climbing twice a week at a local gym. Once a week, I do Plyometrics and maybe a jog too. I’m working with a friend to figure out what the next steps should be to attain my goals…by the end of the year, I should be at the level of fitness that I want to maintain for the next few years.

I hope this works.


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