Workout Recap: Jan Week 3

This week, I really wanted to add cardio into my workouts. It’s been a long time since I went jogging but I started it up again and it was so worth it! I’m pretty slow right now but the goal is to get to a comfortable 5 miles in the next few months.

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday: top roping for 2.3 hrs (11 climbs at 5.10b)
  • Tuesday: top roping for 1.5 hrs (10 climbs, 5.10a/5.10b)
  • Wednesday: jogging for 25 mins (2 miles) and 50 squats
  • Thursday: bouldering for 15 mins (V0, v1) and top roping for 1 hr
  • Sunday: jogging for 25 mins (2 miles)

I’m hoping for a similar workout schedule next week but I’ll have to really push myself since my usual climbing buddies are on vacation. So I’ll be bouldering instead of top roping which will give me a chance to break in my new climbing shoes. My heel kept slipping out of the older pair and it’s starting to make my climbs a little sloppy. Hopefully, these new shoes will improve my climbs as much as bouldering should improve my strength and problem-solving skills.

I”ll be on a vacation of my own soon, so I have to increase the intensity next week.


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