Why I Run

I was never a good runner.

When I was young, I was decent at sprinting…fast at short distances but I never could get a good mile time. I joined several sports over the years and they always required running at least a mile before practice. I hated it and I would walk half of it…being one of the last to arrive.

Fast forward to college, I started enjoying running when I started playing taiko. We ran a mile before every practice and with this habit for 3 years, I built up my endurance. At one point, I ran 3 miles in one session during one stressful week to release some tension. But like all things, it slowly cycled out.

Recently, I started running again. My boyfriend started training with his friends so that they could run a marathon by the end of the year. He asked me to join and I thought it was impossible. But with some training…maybe it is possible.

So I started jogging.

My starting baseline?

2 miles with 2 walking breaks. At the end of the first day, I felt light headed and achy…running on an empty stomach is not a good decision. But at least I know that I could run a 5K with minimal training. It’s not the best start, but it’s a start.

Current Goal: Run a 10K by beginning of April.


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