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Almost Naked Plyometrics

When I started P90X a few years ago, I really latched onto the Plyometrics program. It was challenging and it always pushed me to do more and be better. All that jumping, squatting, and lunging really improves your cardiovascular endurance. Even though I no longer follow the P90X program, the plyo section still has a special place in my heart.

Because, it makes you sweat BUCKETS.

Since this is designed as an in-home activity, I’m pretty much in my underwear when I do this workout. Sports bra, sports shorts…and that’s it. If I’m wearing more than this after the warm-up section, I’m toast!

I keep a towel nearby because I know I’ll need it by the end. It’s one of the few workouts that make me sweat profusely…and I like it. After the workout, it just feels amazing to shower. Who knows if I’m actually sweating out toxins or if the endorphins are kicking in but man alive…it’s so energizing!

Back to the sweat part. This particular workout requires a particular set of clothes. For me, not any old sports bra and shorts will do…it has to be sports wool. When I wear synthetic active wear, it feels really gross to sweat in and peel off later. I didn’t used to care about these things, but it makes a difference and it feels so much more comfortable before, during, and after the workout.

Next time I do plyo, I’ll be sweaty, but I’ll be feeling really good.

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