Embrace The Body That You Have

We as a society focus too much on self-hate and self-loathing.

Advertisers and marketers prey on our insecurities to get us to buy things.

Need to lose weight? Try some diet food program or sign up for gym membership. Want to have more confidence, why not get some plastic surgery? It’s all a trap to get you to spend more money on things you don’t need or things that don’t necessarily help you get to your ultimate goal.

You have only one body and once you accept it for all its perfections and imperfections, the better off you’ll be. You have to work in this body, sweat in this body, and love in this body. If you want to change it, then be smart about it and seriously consider your options. Don’t expect to look like Conan the Conqueror if your body type lends itself more towards Bruce Lee. Don’t think that you’ll become Keira Knightly if you’re more shaped like Beyonce.

It may have taken you a few months to get to your current unhappy state, but it may take years to get to your happy place…and that’s ok. It takes more work to be healthy and fit than it does to be the opposite. Look around, there’s fast food on every street corner and maybe one healthy restaurant per district. It’s easier to be unhealthy, but it takes real guts to become healthy.

So do yourself a favor and stop whining.

Get out there and work out!


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