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A Love/Hate Relationship with Supplements


When it comes to vitamins and supplements, I do my best to steer clear of them.


Because I don’t like adding anything artificial into my system. I should be getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need already, right? Well, that depends on your food intake and sometimes, it just doesn’t contain all the things you need. So you’ll have to get some supplements to avoid the long term effects of those deficiencies.

So on and off, I take supplements. I hate taking it but I need them. Especially since I don’t really consume dairy or a lot of red meat. I guess it’s pretty convenient to just pop in some capsules and have your daily dose right away. But I wonder if the body really absorbs it well or just flushes it all out. If it’s the latter…what a waste!

Lately, I’ve been taking Iron and Vitamin D supplements everyday and when I forget to bring an orange, I take Vitamin C. As much as I loathe taking supplements, they’re actually doing good things for my body. Eventually, I hope to wean off of them and build a food program that truly meets my needs.

Then I can be forever free from supplements!

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