Eat Clean: Cooking With Friends

fish and salad

When your friends love to cook as healthy as you do, you can never go wrong!

Recently, my friends and I made this dish for dinner. It’s a citrus spring salad, an herb sole turbot with a bell pepper salsa, and roasted brussel sprouts. I picked some blood oranges for the salad since it’s such an “unusual” ingredient because its short harvest season. I love how colorful and fancy this dish looks even though it was super easy to make.

We bought whatever we found “in season” at the nearest grocery store. For the fish, I really wanted something with more firmness than a trout and yet, not as bland as a tilapia…so we opted for a turbot. It tasted like a really buttery cod with the texture of a trout and the bell pepper salsa was the perfect complement to this fish. LOVED IT!

We prepared and cooked everything in less than 30 minutes, so it was definitely a meal I’d duplicate again.

I’m hoping to have more cooking parties with my friends so we can all swap healthy recipes and still eat like kings!


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