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Operation Get Moving: Day 5

On a fairly foggy evening, my friends and I went to the rock gym on a Friday night.

We went through a few tough routes and prepped for our upcoming lead climbing class. When I look back on our experiences, it’s quite amazing how far we’ve come in less than a year! I started doing 5.7 routes with hesitation but now I’m up for 5.11b challenges. Every route is a chance to solve a problem and though we may not get to the top cleanly, we can always try again and improve our technique.

When it comes to exercise, you have to enjoy what you do so you’ll want to keep a regular workout schedule. With rock climbing, I love it and I have a good community of climbers to keep me accountable. If my friends can’t make it, I can bring co-workers or I can always ask for a belay partner at the rock gym. If I wanna work on  my own problems, I can boulder on my own without needing a partner at all. This activity provides enough flexibility to be as intense or as social as I want to be.

Not only does rock climbing provide a valuable social network, but it gives me goals. When I’m there, I can work on improving my skill set, work on harder grade climbs, try new features (like crack climbing, slack lining, and lead climbing). There is always something to try at the rock gym and it keeps me entertained and always pushing me to become a better climber.

Plus, I’m inspired by the people I meet at the rock gym. There are some veteran climbers who can relay their experiences going outdoors. They are so humble and friendly and filled with so much knowledge, I’d love to pick their brains on the really tough climbs they do that I can’t yet.

It all boils down to this…do what you love and exercising won’t feel like a chore.

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