Operation Get Moving: Day 7

Yesterday, my two friends and I took our first lead climbing class.

It was a 3 hour class where we learned about basic gear, maintenance, and how to properly belay and lead climb. Although there wasn’t much climbing involved, it was more strength intensive than I realized. Shoveling rope as a belayer takes more work than you’d think and we learned how to do the “belayer dance” when watching the lead climber clip in. As lead climbers, we spent a lot of time hanging on the wall figuring out neutral and flagging positions which would make clipping in…easier. A lot easier. Plus, when you’re learning, you go down two grades…so if you usually climb 5.10b, you’ll start at 5.9 as a lead climber.

It was really important that we avoided backclipping, z-clipping,and skipping a clip because those things could lead to safety issues and an automatic fail for the lead certification test. So we definitely practiced various ways of clipping in and recognizing what a proper clip in looks like. By the end of the class, not only did I feel more knowledgeable, but a better climber for it.

For week 1 of Operation Get Moving, it looks like success!

3 workouts in 1 week: COMPLETE!


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