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Operation Get Moving: Day 14

san francisco sutro baths

It has been one hectic week but very successful in terms of the challenge.

My friends and I went rock climbing on Tuesday to prep for our lead class on Thursday. We completed our lead class and had a blast learning how to fall and catch lead climbers. All we need now is to get certified with a lead climbing test which we’ll probably take within the next 2 weeks.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend came to visit so we had a rock climbing double date in San Francisco. I practiced a couple techniques on the bouldering wall and learned to reverse flag, lay back, and mantle. Whenever I get a chance to climb with a more experienced climber, I always try to learn new things so I can get better. A little instruction goes a long way.

On Sunday, to take advantage of the nice weather, I went hiking in SF. We took the trail from the Cliff House Sutro Baths area to the Land’s End labyrinth. It was a pretty short hike but we wandered around the area for about 2 hours looking for wildflowers, bouldering opportunities, and views of the Golden Gate bridge.

That’s 4 workouts this week…gotta keep up the momentum!


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