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Simplify P90X: Day 2

It’s supposed to be Plyometrics day, but I somehow misplaced that DVD, along with Kenpo.

Instead, I did Yoga.

After a pretty tough workout yesterday, My arms, shoulders, and core felt tight and a little sore. Once I got started on yoga, I started to feel all the stretches, activating and relieving the pain simultaneously. That’s when I realized how important stretches are in addition to doing various exercises. When your muscles get tight, you need stretches to loosen them up and make them limber again.

Yoga was tough, but I managed a little over the half hour mark before I had to call it quits. I was straining through the plank poses, especially since I really maxed out my pushup abilities yesterday. But all the stretches from upward dog, downward dog, etc…it took away a lot of the tightness and soreness I felt. After the session, I felt a lot more limber and energized.

Another session down.

Until tomorrow, show up and work hard!

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