What’s the Deal with Raw Milk?

Can I still have raw milk if I’m lactose intolerant?

For the past 10 years, I’ve drastically decreased my dairy consumption because of the effects of being lactose intolerant. That gurgle stomach, the uncomfortable gassy feeling…it’s not pretty. But I love love LOVE cheese and ice cream.

I am resigned to the fact that if I have one slice of pizza or a glass of milk, I’ll be dealing with the consequences later that night. Sure, I could take lactase pills or drink lactaid milk…but it’s just not the same. I want my BODY to be good shape, not tricking it into accepting these dairy products. I have tried kefir, greek yogurt, and regular yogurt to supplement my dairy consumption but I don’t really like the taste and texture of these products. So, I’m heading back to the simplest thing…milk!

I will be trying raw milk for the next 30 days. I bought a half gallon of raw skim milk and I’m going to see if I can handle it without getting the horrible effects of being lactose intolerant. My friend has been trying this experiment for the past year and he hasn’t had any problems…and his intolerance was more severe than mine!

Hopefully I can add dairy back to my diet, especially since I’m getting older and I want to take better care of my body.

If you’ve tried raw milk, I’d love to know!


Chips and Healthier Dip

chips and dip greek yogurt

I have a few “bad” habits that I haven’t been able to break.

One of them is my taste for chips or crisps.

I just love the taste and texture and I know that it’s full of fat. What also goes well with chips is dip! I usually indulge in several servings of cheese dip, guacamole, salsa, etc. Some are healthier alternatives than others but I like the fatty ones more.

Lately, I’ve been trying to more dairy in my diet, but it’s hard when you’re lactose and you refuse to take those lactose pills. Yogurt is usually ok for me, so I am slowly switching to plain yogurt, kefir, and Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is supposed to be better for you, but I can’t really take it plain.

But when I use it as chip dip, it’s actually pretty good!

When I indulge in chips, perhaps I can balance it out with some Greek yogurt in the future.

A Love/Hate Relationship with Supplements


When it comes to vitamins and supplements, I do my best to steer clear of them.


Because I don’t like adding anything artificial into my system. I should be getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need already, right? Well, that depends on your food intake and sometimes, it just doesn’t contain all the things you need. So you’ll have to get some supplements to avoid the long term effects of those deficiencies.

So on and off, I take supplements. I hate taking it but I need them. Especially since I don’t really consume dairy or a lot of red meat. I guess it’s pretty convenient to just pop in some capsules and have your daily dose right away. But I wonder if the body really absorbs it well or just flushes it all out. If it’s the latter…what a waste!

Lately, I’ve been taking Iron and Vitamin D supplements everyday and when I forget to bring an orange, I take Vitamin C. As much as I loathe taking supplements, they’re actually doing good things for my body. Eventually, I hope to wean off of them and build a food program that truly meets my needs.

Then I can be forever free from supplements!

Grr Cheesecake Factory

One entree turns into 2-3 meals for me.

Your portions are way too big and your calorie count for your dishes are astronomically high! But I still eat at your establishment because my family redeems their reward points for Cheesecake Factory gift cards.

I want to be healthy but you make it so challenging.

The fresh kale salad on the small plates menu is a tasty appetizer for 480 calories! Say what?! Next time, I’ll have dressing on the side. There’s no way kale, green beans, dried cranberries, and green apples have that many calories. It must be the buttermilk dressing.

So ridiculous.

Learning to eat out…one meal at a time.

Snacks: Fresh Figs

For the longest time, I had no clue what figs looked like. What was the real taste? I’ve eaten Fig Newtons, but everyone said it tastes nothing like fresh figs.

When I saw them at the farmer’s market, I had to try them.

I picked up a small batch and devoured them so quickly that soon I was staring down at an empty plate. Slightly sweet with a wonderful crisp texture…it was the perfect snack on a breezy summer afternoon.

What goes best with figs? I’d love to know how you eat them. 🙂

Lunch: Pastrami Bagel + Clementines

I don’t know who invented bagels, but they’re evil!

Most of the time, they’re super dense, chewy, hard, and tasteless. But when my sister brought home bagels from work…OMG…never have I ever met such a fresh, soft, and yummy bagel!

So for lunch, I put together a bagel sandwich…no condiments. Lightly toasted with fresh romaine and uncured, nitrate-free pastrami…it’s healthy-ish. A little mustard would have helped but I was too excited about the bagel to think about anything else.

And I gotta have a little sweet dessert…clementines…my favorite fruit.

Snacks: Olives + Clementines

When I don’t have time to grab a full meal, I rely on snacks to get me though the next few hours. I usually bypass the candy, chips, cookies, and bars route and opt for simpler things.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with olives since I visited Evvia, a super tasty Greek restaurant in Palo Alto.

Olives and feta cheese. Olives, hummus, and flatbread. Olives and tortillas. Olives alone.

I’ll pretty much eat anything with olives.

To balance out all the salt, I usually wash it down with a cup of kefir.

To me, kefir is drinkable yogurt.

Since I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, I can’t drink straight milk so yogurt products are my main sources of dairy. I prefer strawberry kefir but I’m trying to wean myself to taking it plain because I want my food as natural as possible with the least additives.

And since I like a sweet and salty combo, I usually grab a few clementines to round out my snacks. These little citrus fruits  are less fibrous and sweeter than oranges which makes me super happy.

Gotta appreciate the simple things in life.