Food That Keeps You Going

My body finally reset itself and I’m hungry for some real food after two days of eating nothing but rice, breads, and crackers.

I was so wrapped up in eating that I forgot to do my workout. Oops!

I had a pastrami sandwich, a mini apple cinnamon cupcake, and the best Mexican food I’ve had in ages. Oysters on the half shell, carne asada tacos, and fish tacos…so fresh! I split a pork rib chop and it was absolutely divine! Tender, juicy, and flavorful…it tasted like a white meat filet mignon.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like this city doesn’t have as much good food as LA, but if I can find more joints like this, then it’d be heaven!

I can’t survive without good food.


A Day of Rest

Because of my skipped days, I haven’t actually taken a rest day until today.

I’m sore from Plyo and that’s good because it means I actually pushed myself. But I mitigated the pain by having a pork chop for dinner yesterday. Gotta have fat and protein for repair!

Lately, I noticed my metabolism is speeding up which is absolutely HORRIBLE because I’m hungry ALL.THE.TIME! I devoured my three course dinner yesterday and it was a decent amount of food.  But I was still hungry by the time I made it home!


Off the Wagon and Rolling in the Mud

I didn’t work out today.

I don’t deal with stress well but I’m working on it. Today, I was dragged into an argument in which I had no place in and yet, I ended up being yelled at from both sides. I tried to deal with it as best as I could, did some deep diaphragmatic breathing, but in the end, I drove to my “happy place” to decompress and remove my anxiety.

Then I went to an event where I drank more than I usually do. Followed by a trip to Jack in the Box to eat a large side of crispy chicken strips and jalapeno poppers. The night wasn’t over so I had a large scoop of Trader Joe’s lemon ginger snap ice cream and a root beer to top it off. And I wasn’t even hungry! ARGH!

I don’t usually eat fast food, ice cream, or soda…much less all in one day!

In one sitting, I had double my entire day’s worth of calories and most of it is fat and sugar too.

I can understand how some people turn around and find themselves 50 lbs heavier than they wanted to be. Cuz I know if I had these stressors everyday, I’d be obese…no lie!

It’s going to be a painful butt-kicking hangover tomorrow.

Oops. I Skipped

…a workout that is.

Today is supposed to be Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X…Day 5.

But I totally missed the boat on this one and instead, I indulged in a giant family eating party. That’s right, when my family and I get together…I mean, my extended almost 30+ relatives…we EAT! I’m sure many families are like this since food unites us all but honestly, it felt like a non-stop buffet for an insane amount of hours.

I’m not gonna lie, I pigged out and I LIKED IT!

No guilt. No remorse. No pain.

But I know that means tomorrow…it’s going to be Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X. No getting around it this time since I had a day off.

Let’s stay on track and keep plugging along!

Weekly Update III

Exercise Plan

For 5 days while my cousin was visiting, the only exercise I got was walking around town. Believe you me, this was a workout since we were on our feet for 10 hours+ a day. But on Wednesday, I started back up with P90X for Week 4 of Phase I, recovery week. I totally forgot that the exercises are different, so I did Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X the first day instead of Yoga X. But that’s alright, as long as I continue with the rest of the recovery exercises, I’ll be on track.

  • Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X: 20 reps for every exercise, 10 lb weights for weighted exercises, and 15 back flys. I used a green resistance band for the pull-ups. I must go lower on my push-ups and improve the form and quality of all my push-ups and pull-ups. For Ab Ripper X, I need to improve my leg climbs, but I did 100 Mason twists without weights.
  • Core Synergistics: much more difficult than I thought, didn’t do the bonus round (extra 5 mins) and used 5 lb weights for the weighted exercises.
  • Kenpo X: the balls of my feet were sore from core synergistics. As for the workout, I definitely needed the yoga mat to prevent me from slipping and sliding. I added more bounce to my step going through the workout to add intensity. Plus I kept a low horse stance (thanks to taiko) throughout the whole blocks section.
  • X Stretch: skipped and took a one hour walk along the beach
  • Core Synergistics: easier the second time around, skipped the bonus round and didn’t use any weights. The plank runs were killer.

Food Plan

Sure, I ate whatever I wanted while my cousin was here, but we shared a lot of the items I would usually have on my own. So, it definitely helped with portion control and we ate fairly healthy. Plus, once Wednesday came around, it was back to eating what I have stocked in my fridge. I was pretty tired and lazy after my cousin left so I made some ham, salsa, and guacamole quesadillas for a couple of meals. And since I bought a ton of fruit, I’ve been trying to finish them before they go bad!

Since I stocked my entire fridge with delicious healthy food hoping my cousin would help me eat it, (we only had 4 breakfasts and one dinner at my place) I have loads of food left. I’ve been hungrier than I usually am and I’ve been trying to eat more to stay full longer, but it’s still a hit or miss situation. Hopefully, I’ll get it down by next week so I’m not trying to eat everything all at once.

Fast, Medium, Slow…Can you change your metabolism?

How do you slow down your metabolism?

I think mine is too fast. Since I’ve started doing P90X over three weeks ago, I’m hungry all the time! Less than 2 hours after a meal, I’m hungry. Even when I snack, it sometimes feels like I didn’t eat anything even though I just had a pear or a bag of carrots.

It’s gotten pretty bad as I’ve woken up in the middle of the night because I was so hungry! I’d go to the kitchen to pull something to satisfy my craving. I”m not one to try to suppress my hunger pangs but I don’t get carried away. Most of the time, a snack or a drink of water is enough. I guess I haven’t been adding enough carbs or protein to my diet…so I’ll need to boost the amount of food I’m eating.

It feels so weird that the amount of food I usually eat is not enough! I guess I’m slowly getting back to the days of the bottomless pit with constant exercise. Bring back the AYCE…well, I should hold off until the end of the 90 days. For now, I need to see if the increase in food will minimize this 24/7 hunger.

My metabolism feels like it’s out of control and it’s burning through the calories too fast. I know, a lot of people would rather have my metabolism, but to me, it can be a hassle. I get hungry often and I snack whenever I feel the need. But I’m not gaining weight…at least, I don’t feel it. At times, I think I eat way more than I should for a person of my size. Then again, I do exercise more than the average person.

Weekly Update II

This was a great week to jump back into the swing of things however once my cousin arrived from overseas on Friday, I put an end to all my workouts as she’s staying with me for the next 5 days. It’s been fun having her around since she’s a doctor finishing up her specialty in endocrinology. So, taking her around has been quite taxing on my body without doing extra workouts and eating good food but in smaller portions is helping me maintain my current status.

Here’s a quick recap of my week:

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