I Don’t Believe in Cleanses

Every once in a while, I run into a friend, colleague, or stranger who mentions that they’re doing a cleanse or a juice fast. They usually say they want to clean out the body of toxins and/or lose weight.

Flush out toxins…understandable.

Lose weight…in the short term, maybe. In the long run, not so much.

It’s still only a short term solution and I don’t think it’s as beneficial as some may think. I’m no expert and this is just my own opinion, but I think cleanses are a waste of time and money…especially if you have to buy special cleanse liquid packs and such.

How will your body benefit by being on this special diet? Your body is a well-functioning machine and it is self-regulating. Unless the cleanse somehow stimulates your liver, kidneys, and bowels…there’s no increased rate of detoxing that goes beyond what your body normally does. You may lose weight, but once you begin eating regularly again, you’ll gain it all back and more.

Instead of doing cleanses, eat better. Throw in an additional fruit or vegetable into your regular diet. Eat more fiber and dark leafy greens. Pretty soon, your substitutions will become easier and phase out your “unhealthy” habits. Then you’ll actually be eating what your body needs instead of what’s fast, cheap, and convenient.

If you make it a lifestyle choice to eat better and take gradual, positive steps toward change, then you’ll be healthier.

Don’t rely on quick fixes…they will only let you down.


Fast, Medium, Slow…Can you change your metabolism?

How do you slow down your metabolism?

I think mine is too fast. Since I’ve started doing P90X over three weeks ago, I’m hungry all the time! Less than 2 hours after a meal, I’m hungry. Even when I snack, it sometimes feels like I didn’t eat anything even though I just had a pear or a bag of carrots.

It’s gotten pretty bad as I’ve woken up in the middle of the night because I was so hungry! I’d go to the kitchen to pull something to satisfy my craving. I”m not one to try to suppress my hunger pangs but I don’t get carried away. Most of the time, a snack or a drink of water is enough. I guess I haven’t been adding enough carbs or protein to my diet…so I’ll need to boost the amount of food I’m eating.

It feels so weird that the amount of food I usually eat is not enough! I guess I’m slowly getting back to the days of the bottomless pit with constant exercise. Bring back the AYCE…well, I should hold off until the end of the 90 days. For now, I need to see if the increase in food will minimize this 24/7 hunger.

My metabolism feels like it’s out of control and it’s burning through the calories too fast. I know, a lot of people would rather have my metabolism, but to me, it can be a hassle. I get hungry often and I snack whenever I feel the need. But I’m not gaining weight…at least, I don’t feel it. At times, I think I eat way more than I should for a person of my size. Then again, I do exercise more than the average person.