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Reboot P90X 2015: Day 5 Legs and Back

Another week has passed from Yoga to Legs and Back. It’s been busy and it’s so easy to put off working out. But I’m still getting back into it. With Legs and Back today, I had to push myself to keep on going.

The Exercises

  • Legs and Back

I skipped the Ab Ripper X portion since my body is still not ready. I did half of the legs and back exercises before my legs started to feel really weak. Every time I have to do a movement, I can see my body jiggle with fat. Though I know I’m not where I want to be, seeing that made it more real. Seeing that makes me want to keep going. I want to finish this program and get to the point where I feel and look fit and toned and healthy. I know it seems like it might never happen, I have to keep going if I want that body and that lifestyle.

The Meals

  • Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal
  • Fish and Chips
  • Steamed rice, steamed fish, steamed lettuce with oyster sauce

It’s been easy getting breakfast but the rest of my meals aren’t as clean as I want them to be. My brain knows what’s good for me but my stomach rebels. It wants something greasy, something heavy, and sometimes, I listen. But the next day, I don’t feel as energized and I know it’s due to my not so great food habits. I need to start adding in some more fruits and veggies!


Reboot P90X 2015: Day 4 Yoga

A week passed before I finished the Yoga session of P90X.

I went rock climbing and hiking with some friends during the weekend but it was hectic trying to squeeze in a workout during the week. Getting started on wedding planning kind of interrupted everything. Instead of an hour workout session, it was replaced by family and friends helping me find venues and dresses for the wedding.

The Exercises

  • Yoga

I did half of the yoga session and like always, my wrists are a bit sore from all the planks and downward dog movements. It felt really good to stretch out and do twists. It was what my body needed to relax and release all the tension that was built up from the week.

The Meals

  • Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal
  • Pork and Leek dumplings
  • Steamed rice, sautéed tomatoes and scrambled eggs, steamed fish, and steamed bok chou

But I remember that I made this pact with myself to keep going even if I skip days. I haven’t failed yet, I have only just begun and I have to keep on going if I want to succeed. A few setbacks won’t deter me this time.

Reboot P90X 2015: Day 3 Shoulders and Arms

Another day of soreness, my body is still getting used to all this movement. Today, it’s working on the shoulders and arms.

It feels good to have a regular routine and exercising different parts of the body. Though it sometimes seems like everything is sore, it’s not true. Arms and abs are probably the most sore parts of my body. Hopefully I’ll get better and it won’t feel as sore anymore.

The Exercises

  • Shoulders and Arms: focusing on shoulders, biceps, and triceps
  • Ab Ripper X: skipped

I did one round of 12 exercises for the weight lifting portion. 10 repetitions with 10 lb. weights. Skipped the bonus round. Completely skipped Ab Ripper X because after doing the first exercise, my stomach felt like it was on fire and completely refusing to do anything. I could hardly use it, so I just stretched it out for a bit.

Though it feels like I’m doing a light portion of the workout this week, I need to establish a baseline and to ease my body into this program. P90X is intense and if you go too hard in the beginning, it can cause injury and pain enough to get you to stop. But you have to keep going, even if it means not finishing everything.

The important thing is that you keep going!

The Meals

  • Cinnamon and Sugar oatmeal
  • Lomo Saltado (leftovers): stir-fry beef with onions and tomatoes, steamed rice and fries
  • Pulled Pork Burger with beans and coleslaw
  • 1 small bag of tortilla chips
  • 1 cup of spiced chai tea

In the spirit of being healthier, I am trying to add a fruit or veggie side to at least one meal a day. People think being healthy means you have to cut this, stop eating that, and it’s all no, no, NO to things you love. It makes it hard to stay on track when you’re denying yourself so to flip the script, I focus on adding something positive. Try one extra helping of veggies. Go for the healthier meal option today. Make one positive choice to improve yourself and if you keep going, it’ll be easier to make more choices that are better for you.

One small step to being healthier can lead to big changes ahead as long as you keep on going.

Reboot P90X 2015: Day 2 Plyometrics

It’s Day 2 and it’s time for Plyometrics.

After yesterday’s workout, I’m definitely feeling it in my back and armpits. My chest and arms, not really. Perhaps I could have gone further with the exercises, but I know next time, I can push harder.

The Exercises

  • Plyometrics: jump squats, run stance squat switch pickups, double airborne heismans, swing kicks

Plyometrics was brutal! After doing 40 lunges and 40 squats in the warm-up section, my legs were already burning. I didn’t get very far into the program, I completed the first set and I was done. Cardio isn’t my strong suit and my heart felt like it would pound right out of my chest! I took a break after the first 4 exercises and the second set wasn’t very good. So I called it a day and hopefully my body will recover from the shock of all this movement.

Shape and Mold spicy mayo salmon tacos on corn tortillas #food

The Meals

  • Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • 2 Spicy Mayo Salmon Tacos on Corn Tortillas
  • 3 fried chicken wings, steamed lettuce with oyster sauce, seafood egg flower soup, and steamed rice
  • 1/2 Asian pear
  • 1 small bag of tortilla chips

I made an effort to eat healthier today. I need more vegetables in my diet but it’s a challenge when the rest of the family doesn’t like them. Not sure about fruits because they’re too sweet or tangy for my taste buds. Since I’m more of a savory person than a sweets person, I grabbed a small bag of tortilla chips that was leftover from a Chili’s outing. A few steps forward today and I know it will get better.

It’s only the beginning, so I can’t beat myself over it. I showed up, I pressed play, and I did my best.

Forget the rest.

Reboot P90X 2015: Day 1 Fit Test and Then Some

After much delay and much failure, I’ve started back up again. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, what really matters is that you get back up.

So here I am again on Day 1 on P90X. I did the fit test without the heart rate monitor and it’s quite sad to see the numbers. Sure, they’re only numbers but I remember when I was more in shape when I first started P90X years ago. Age has not been kind to me and my body keeps rebelling.  It is time to start over.

The Exercises

  • Chest and Back
  • Ab Ripper X

I did one round of C&B, that’s 12 exercises, and I didn’t repeat the rounds. It was tragic. 10 pushups per set and about 15 pull-ups with the green bands. I modified most of the exercises to the most basic format: alternate between pushups and pull ups. For Ab Ripper X, I made it through all 11 exercises and 25 repetitions. It was exhausting but I’m glad I did something.

lomo saltado, meals, beef and fries, rice

The Meals

  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • 2 Eggs, 2 Slices of Ham, and 1 Pack of Instant Noodles
  • Lomo Saltado: Peruvian stir fry with beef, onions, and tomatoes with a side of rice and fries
  • 1 shortbread cookie

For meals, I don’t follow the prescribed diet. I am a normal person trying to eat healthier but honestly, it’s hard. I don’t fake my meals. I eat real food, even if it’s not good for you. I don’t do supplements, recovery shakes, protein bars, etc. I like whole foods that are as natural as possible. So yes, for today, I had some instant noodles and I used half a pack of seasoning that comes with it. And shortbread. So what? This was what I ate and I know I can do better.

Because I have done this program before, it makes me feel more embarrassed about my body. Knowing what it used to be able to do, what it used to look, and even where I started…I have become such a slouch! I wonder if people noticed I let myself go and why didn’t they say anything? Then again, what can they say that will sound positive and not judge-y?

Here’s to tomorrow! Show up and let’s go!

I Don’t Believe in Cleanses

Every once in a while, I run into a friend, colleague, or stranger who mentions that they’re doing a cleanse or a juice fast. They usually say they want to clean out the body of toxins and/or lose weight.

Flush out toxins…understandable.

Lose weight…in the short term, maybe. In the long run, not so much.

It’s still only a short term solution and I don’t think it’s as beneficial as some may think. I’m no expert and this is just my own opinion, but I think cleanses are a waste of time and money…especially if you have to buy special cleanse liquid packs and such.

How will your body benefit by being on this special diet? Your body is a well-functioning machine and it is self-regulating. Unless the cleanse somehow stimulates your liver, kidneys, and bowels…there’s no increased rate of detoxing that goes beyond what your body normally does. You may lose weight, but once you begin eating regularly again, you’ll gain it all back and more.

Instead of doing cleanses, eat better. Throw in an additional fruit or vegetable into your regular diet. Eat more fiber and dark leafy greens. Pretty soon, your substitutions will become easier and phase out your “unhealthy” habits. Then you’ll actually be eating what your body needs instead of what’s fast, cheap, and convenient.

If you make it a lifestyle choice to eat better and take gradual, positive steps toward change, then you’ll be healthier.

Don’t rely on quick fixes…they will only let you down.

So Easy…

…even a caveman can do it.

Remember this line?

It applies perfectly to being healthy and staying healthy.

So often, we take what the experts tell us about eating healthy, exercising, and toning your body at face value. There are plenty of scientific names for diets, workout programs, and etc. You can do all the research in the world, but honestly, it’s very simple but the difficulty lies in the execution.

The secret is…There is no secret!

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Decrease stress/Sleep well (maintain mental fitness)

Everyone is built different and when it comes to weight loss and body maintenance, there is NO one way to do things. It’s one of those “All roads lead to Rome” ideas…just do the above three things in any reasonable manner and you’ll see results.

When you’re within 5-10 pounds of your target weight/muscle tone, it’s easier to maintain and sculpt your body. If you’ve been building your muscles, (lean or not) you tend to get hungrier and you’ll need to eat more than you may have before. And since you have more muscle and less fat, you can get away with exercising less without gaining the weight back as fast. But that does not mean to stop exercising altogether once you’ve reached your final goal. If you make it a lifelong habit to exercise regularly, even a daily 30 minute walk can help you maintain your body and your weight.

But if you’re on the quest for substantial weight loss, you have to work harder. If you take the quick fix and end it…you’ll gain it back. By making smart decisions about your food, exercise, and overall health, things will come into place. Make it a lifelong choice and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight or whatnot.

Personally, I don’t advocate diet programs, meal replacement shakes, protein bars, or surgery to lose weight. I feel that you should be more conscious of what you’re putting in your body, what you’re doing to burn the calories, and how to take care of yourself better.

In The Biggest Loser, they take everything to the extreme to a point where I find it dangerous. The contestants are overexercising to the point of exhaustion and doing possible damage to their joints and other body parts. They only do what the trainer tells them to do, but they don’t really understand why or how to create their own workout plan. They eat the prescribed meals given to them, but never encounter real world food options until they head home. They don’t learn what they should eat, how much they should have, and how to cook these meals.

To me, it’s “mindless” weight-loss. They don’t know why the workouts are working. They don’t know why the food is healthy. It’s almost like giving your body over to a plastic surgeon to do whatever they want to your body to make it “perfect.” But if you don’t learn what it takes to keep that shape, you’ll quickly revert back to your old body.

It takes time, patience, and discipline, but in the end…I think it’s worth it.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest things.