Workout Recap: Jan Week 4

This week, my climbing buddies are on vacation and I tend to be lazy when they aren’t here…so I pushed myself to boulder without them. Then I could work on my own little problems on the wall.

Since it’s my last week before going off to Hong Kong for vacation, I tried to up my workouts. I’m bringing my running shoes so I can do a little something while I’m away. If I can’t climb, I can still run, no?

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday: top roping for 2 hrs (10 climbs at 5.9- 5.10d levels)
  • Tuesday: P90X Plyometrics (half program – 30 minutes)
  • Wednesday: bouldering for 1 hr (v0,v1)
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:

Next week, I’m hoping to run at least 3-4 times during my vacation. I’ll be walking significantly more than I usually do, but there’s nothing like a good workout to make you feel energized. It’s gonna be exciting!


Workout Recap: Jan Week 3

This week, I really wanted to add cardio into my workouts. It’s been a long time since I went jogging but I started it up again and it was so worth it! I’m pretty slow right now but the goal is to get to a comfortable 5 miles in the next few months.

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday: top roping for 2.3 hrs (11 climbs at 5.10b)
  • Tuesday: top roping for 1.5 hrs (10 climbs, 5.10a/5.10b)
  • Wednesday: jogging for 25 mins (2 miles) and 50 squats
  • Thursday: bouldering for 15 mins (V0, v1) and top roping for 1 hr
  • Sunday: jogging for 25 mins (2 miles)

I’m hoping for a similar workout schedule next week but I’ll have to really push myself since my usual climbing buddies are on vacation. So I’ll be bouldering instead of top roping which will give me a chance to break in my new climbing shoes. My heel kept slipping out of the older pair and it’s starting to make my climbs a little sloppy. Hopefully, these new shoes will improve my climbs as much as bouldering should improve my strength and problem-solving skills.

I”ll be on a vacation of my own soon, so I have to increase the intensity next week.

Workout Recap: Jan Week 2

This past week, Jan 6-12, I’ve gotten back in the habit of going rock climbing again. It’s been about 7 months since I started and I’m really enjoying it. My friends and I are trying to get into shape so we can start taking lead belaying classes by summer.

I recently stopped taiko drumming which is a very intensive workout as well as a musical/rhythmic activity. It took too much time to ┬ádrive over an hour one way to practice for 3 hours twice a week. The drive killed me and after 3 months, it was time to call it quits. So it’s back to more rock climbing!

This week’s workouts:

  • Sunday: top-roping for 1.5 hours (6 climbs)
  • Monday:┬átop-roping for 2 hours (11 climbs)
  • Thursday: top roping for 2 hours (10 climbs)

My current climbing level is about 5.10a-5.11a, which is considered intermediate to advanced. The 5.10a is the warmup route and the 5.11a is the challenge route. Within that range, my friends and I try to do as many as we can before our hands give out.

Next week, I’m hoping to add some cardio into my workouts so it’s not solely strength intensive.

Go Full Throttle

Plyo today…bright and early.

It took me a while to warm up today, but once I got going…I was so sweaty I was down to my underwear to stay cool throughout the workout. Hate that!

But during the jump knee tuck and rock star hops, I had a breakthrough. If I try to jump modified, it’s so much harder than fully committing to the jump. So I jumped super high and fast…and it was so much easier to do!

I’m adding vitamins to supplement my diet…1 multivitamin and 2 fiber tabs. I’m not getting enough nutrients according to my calorie counter. I’ll add vitamins for now and hopefully improve my eating habits so I can wean off of them later. I hate supplements, but if I’m not getting them in my food, I need to get them elsewhere.

The other day, my sister was asked how she stayed so slim and she replied that she doesn’t eat sweets or snacks. Then it hit me, I don’t really either. Although I love me a cupcake or a French macaron every couple months, I don’t really eat that many sweets.

And this is the second year I’m doing without Girl Scout cookies…hooray!

Restoring the Balance

I feel like I’m being stretched.

Trying to workout everyday and trying to maintain my social contacts…it’s exhausting. So I took another break from working out today. I’m still in the adjustment phase of P90X, so it only makes sense that my body is needs extra time to recover and get used to exercising on a regular basis.

But it’s probably more of a mental challenge than a physical one. My body can handle a lot more than these P90X sessions, but my mind seems to be on autopilot. So I’m trying to figure out the right balance so I can do the P90X schedule without burning myself out so quickly!

They say it’s because I don’t have a lot of fat storage so whatever energy I’m using, it’s most likely coming from my food…and that’s why I need to eat more.

Since when did eating become a chore?

Oh My Glutes!

Once again, I swapped in Plyometrics instead of Kenpo.

I must have really pushed myself yesterday during Legs and Back because my glutes were aching today. Or maybe it was because I spent 3 hours last night in 3 inch heels. Well, whatever it is, my glutes were begging for mercy during the squats in today’s workout.

I toughed it out to the 45 minute mark before I hit a wall. My mind said “Yes! Keep pushing!” and my body was like, “Move, and I’ll puke all over you!”

Guess I need more sustenance than a bowl of corn in the morning before Plyo.

I have a love/hate relationship with Plyo. I hate feeling weak, getting sweaty, and seeing my fat jiggle during the workout. But I love Plyo because it’s kind of fun to jump around and I can see improvements every time I do this program. I can go a little lower, jump a little higher, and last longer each round. Plus, the majority of these exercises are applicable in other areas of athletics.

This is the core of P90X!

All About Those Legs

It’s a back to back workout!

I killed it during Legs and Back! I’m going to start adding weights to some of the exercises, just 5 lbs to increase the resistance. Looking back, I could have pushed myself harder to go lower in the lunges and squats, but there will always be next time!

Did Ab Ripper X for the first time this “week” and it felt good. I hit all 25 reps and polished it off with 75 Mason Twists. I can feel myself getting stronger although I need to work on my lower abdominals and obliques than my upper abdominal area. I just feel like the lower half of my body is weak, so I need to buff it up!